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The articles you read here is the culmination of a process started in December 2008 when The Star newspaper, Workplace edition, requested Deon Hattingh to do an article for their final edition for that year.  The brief was to write an article in plain English that could be understood by their readers and would give practical alternatives of what you can do with your year end bonus.

Deon Hattingh, Certified Financial Planner®
Deon Hattingh, Certified Financial Planner®

Deon as a Certified Financial Planner® found it challenging to simplify financial matter writing but took up the challenge.  The article was so well received that the newspaper asked that another series be written for the first quarter of 2009.  The writings continue today still and an article appears every fortnight with a strong reader following, the most common accolade: ‘Thank you for simplifying such a difficult subject matter’

On this site you benefit from this.  The articles to Star are free and is seen as a social investment, however, in honouring any copyright issues, the articles you read here are before editing by newspaper staff.  So even if theirs are slightly better the articles here get the message across.

From these humble beginnings Deon became a regular columnist now entering the seventh year.   He is constantly challenged by the editorial staff to publish books on the subject matter covered in the article.

The first book will be published this year.  The site reading is free, yet the books require far greater effort and will be sold from the site as ebooks – following the

  • themes: budget; debt control; wealth; and, motivation.
  • The howto theme will illustrate how you can do things for yourself: following the right examples; and, building your own wealth plan
  • Free downloads are offerred to all that register
  • The registered users will also every second week receive tha next article to prompt and motivate them to act

Deon collected property and cars to sustain his wealth during retirement – not to the level of a Donald Trump or Jay Leno – but sufficient for own use and sustainability.

We cannot all be Trumps, Lenos or Buffets but we can emulate their models to sustain a Joe Public – all wealthy even if not all rich.