Think about how you are spending your money

This week in how to make sense I wish to applaud the good work done by Sanlam through their One Rand Family initiative.  They are attempting to get people to think about their money, how they use it and where they are spending

“By their own admission, this family enjoy the good life. Most of us can identify with that, but if one is using credit to fund that lifestyle, you will almost certainly run into problems” Jacques from Sanlam Bulletin Board writes.

This past week they focussed on “the true cost of credit.”  The article concentrated on avoiding the debt trap. Continue reading “Think about how you are spending your money”

Lack of confidence in the political parties

We often hear how the world do not want to invest in South Africa due to a lack of confidence in the political, labour and economic climate.  At ground level we often cannot see the influence of these factors on investment confidence.  It is this lack of investment certainty that cause the lack of confidence.politics

Today I will illustrate how different small matters add up and eventually cause us to lose confidence and how to make  sense of such matters, perhaps not allowing these matters to make us overly negative. Continue reading “Lack of confidence in the political parties”

Irresponsible Lending

One of our regular readers contacted me this week after reading a previous article on debt management.  He acknowledged that this was a particular difficult call as he had to admit to me that his debt was out of control.  I pacified him by advising that we are all ashamed about our debt condition and nobody admits that they are not in control.

After our discussion I thought that in howtomakesense today we should revisit the matter of debt; and, that I should in all fairness also grant our other readers the special offer I made him.debt

He is due to get married and his fiance thinks that he does not love her enough because he wants to get married out of community of property and not in community. Continue reading “Irresponsible Lending”

It is best when we share

My mother had a plaque behind her toilet door that read “Joy shared is doubled, sorrow shared is halved”.  I believed this influenced my late mothers’attitude as she had no problem in sharing her joys and her sorrows and she experienced the results as the plaque predicted.sharing-is-caring

Most of us have no problem in sharing our joys, yet we are expected to keep our sorrows secret, having to pretend that all is well at all times.  No wonder that so many need rescue remedies and suffer from bipolar and other disorders when they cannot share their sorrows. Continue reading “It is best when we share”