Please reconsider on behalf of the people

A very wise man once remarked “that my people perish for a lack of knowledge/vision”. These words are no more appropriate than looking at the second draft of the Demarcation Debate. It is clear that the designers have no knowledge of the needs of the people when sitting down and scripting this document. They have no vision for their people.

They disregard the constitution and the rights of the people, in your instance the right to proper/private healthcare. The poor are demarcated out, excluded.

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Keep it simple

This last weekend was my birthday and I again realised the advantages of keeping things simple.Keep it simple_1 Not only was it more enjoyable but also saved me a tidy sum of money. We could entertain far more friends and family on a much smaller budget. If just four of us went out for a dinner with starters, wine, main and desserts the bill would have exceeded R600.

On Saturday we invited about 30 people to an open house party from 2’o clock till late. Instead of just visiting with three family members we had 19 different people, friends and family coming through the house. For a total budget of less than R400 my wife made me my favourites to share: bean soup and vetkoek as starter; oxtail and samp and lasagne as mains; malva pudding for dessert; and, several cheeses and biscuits with preserves for afterward. This made me again realise that the day starting at 2 and ending after 9 at night was longer, simpler and far more enjoyable than one big dinner – mostly it was cheaper too!

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When to take profit from our investments

There comes a time when we need to take profit from our investments and historical trends in the all share index may indicate that the time is now. Today we will discuss how to make sense of the warning signs and how we can react to soften the effect that these trends may have on our investments.

When to take profit from our investments_1

From the USA we hear warnings of a bubble. This is a term used when the markets become so inflated that they take on the form of a large bubble rising into the air. We all stand in awe and watch for the inevitable burst. We must realise that the bigger the bubble the bigger the pop. Now, when the USA bubble pops we will see adjustments there, but it may cause a big trough in RSA. To start to disinvest from equities is what we refer to as taking profit, thus moving the profit out of the bubble to more stable investments. These investment classes will include cash, bonds and property. To take profit does not mean cashing in the investment but to move (or disinvest) from one type (where we are taking profit from) and moving it into another (where we bank the profit).

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Deon’s Keystone

Deons Keystones_1In the last article we spoke about how it is possible to get people to save when we can deliver on investment returns that are better than cost of interest on loans.  The motivation is that all of us want to be in a better (financial) position than the one we in and that the psychology of all people being the same, we realise that it can only be done by saving and accumulating wealth.

In that article I promised to seek and find an investment that can deliver superior investment returns on our savings.  I am so convinced of the superiority of this solution that I am attaching my personal name to the product, the DeonsKeystone.  This will require commitment from me to regularly review and give feedback to investors on the performance of the funds, to protect my name.  Continue reading “Deon’s Keystone”

Turning R200 per month into R1,000,000

Last week I breakfasted with one of my friends who happens to be a trade union boss.  Our Turning R200 per month into R1,000,000_1conversations each time we meet focusses on the plight of the workers he represents, a passion I share when writing to workers in the Workplace.  This meeting was no different and this time we discussed workers financial needs.  The concern is that most of his members will never be able to retire when they appear unable to accumulate enough wealth as they do not (or cannot) save. Continue reading “Turning R200 per month into R1,000,000”

Women and finances

Women still felt powerless to make their own financial decisions.

AydreyHepburnSaturday saw the celebration of International Woman’s Day. On Friday I asked the women in my group to tell me what the purpose was. None knew. One thing we did discuss was the fact that women still felt powerless to make their own financial decisions. While they had no problem buying a dress of several thousand Rand from their own hard earned income without consulting their husbands they were unable to take their own decision about putting R500 a month into medium and long term savings. The husband had to be consulted. Whether this was true or a convenient excuse, that remains a mystery.

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